Release #8! Shark girl IN

Hope you enjoy!

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here are the changes

-New Content

Shark girl added

Missionary pose

Against wall pose

Extra character edit #6 for wolf girl, based on loona

-Gameplay changes

Girls now tighten while having sex with them

Girls now can do "pheromone attacks" Hold both mouse buttons to not get drained by them


The sex pose menu has been tweaked so it is less cramped vertically


Drew the AI companion, she doesn't do anything at the moment but later on she will give you tutorials tips n tricks


A bunch, but i actually forgot to type them here hehe........


Fixed bug were girls lost their virginity if they fucked you as a futa

Fixed anal missionary locked behind doggy pose

Fixed shark girl food prefferences

Fixed bug where penis didn't change sprite when entering a girls pussy

Some poses have been slightly tweaked to avoid dick clipping

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Mar 09, 2022 16 MB
Mar 09, 2022

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What's the difference between the "Hotfix" and the "YYC" versions? Or it doesn't have too much difference?