Release 12 Fox girl!

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Here's the changelog!

-New Content

Fox girl! you can find her on the beach/sand tiles

Added a new block to the drilling minigame 

Chaos block: Uppon breaking, randomizes* the blocktype of adyacent blocks to it so be careful


Prismatic eggplant: Lets you change the dick type of a character

Added a dicktype with it too horsecock

Dog collar: Its a dog collar

-Gameplay changes

Finishing the drilling minigame now passes time

It now takes three times as long to get a room dirty


If you cum inflate girls enough while having anal/oral sex they cum out of their mouths

Added 2 new voice types by @KumBomb

Girls now play a line of dialogue when you add them to your drilling squad


Dick size swapping when having sex with futa should be fixed now

Camera could get slightly shifted on the drilling minigame if you were holding a camera movement key right as it started


-New content

2 new apperances for fox girl

One based on krystal and another based on renamon

-Bug fixes

Fixed bug where fox skill made small drilling levels unbeatable

Fixed dick clipping on blowjob animation

Fixed bug where cami skill made "disguised" spike blocks apear

Fixed bug where if a girl gets an unexistant palette index she turns invisible

Blank slate didn't reset prismatic eggplant change


Heated futa girls have extra poses when fucking the player

Corrected a couple of grammar errors

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Apr 06, 2022

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