Release 14

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-New content

Egg fertilization view (not actual impregnation YET) (ACTUALLY impregnation is in release 15)


Mark of fertility: Enables the egg fertilization view

Copy X: Allows you to shape shift into any of the characters in your wagon

*for the transformations to be consistant a couple of things of the player character transformation stuff were inverted, so if you bootup the new version and you're not who you were used to be thats why*


Mutual penetration pose

Buttjob pose

Gave the fox girl a male fox head, you can get it by using the gender bend item on her


Using magic mirror on characters will now make their tits min size whenever they turn male

Milk tanks now become transparent when having sex

Tweaked spacing between shop items to allow for a full page without weid spacing at the end

Now biomes have a different background and paralax elements in them

Added map sprites for every species of characters

-Gameplay changes

Girl love stat cap raised to 300

Finishing the drilling minigame now grants with love points to every member on the squad based on how many resources you collected


Fixed bug where you can't multi buy if the view is zoomed in

Hotfix changes

-New content

Backgrounds have been improved even more each biome has a unique paralax background element

Now it can randomly rain and snow on certain biomes

Added apperance to furry fox girl #5 based on Jamie by NovaDuskpaw 

Added slow badge: Keeps sex the minimum speed

-Gameplay changes

Fox girl now likes sweet meat (actually meant this from the start but forgot to set the values....)

Fox girl now gets her pussy removed when genderbend


Made it so if the poses are locked but you have experience in them you still get their stats when pressing F12


Fixed bug where you were player character had a pussy even when it was male

Fixed penis not being visible on girl on buttjob pose

Tweaked camera side tit color on mutual penetration pose

Fixed bug where internal egg view wouldn't create the 5th egg

Fixed bug where fox girl keeps furry head if genderbend when humanized


Tweaked the animal mirror description

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Apr 23, 2022

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