Release 15 Impregnation!

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-New content

Pregnancy has been roughly implemented, you can now impregnate characters if you have vaginal sex with them, 

it takes 10 days for their baby/babies to come out


Impregranate: Increases a girl's fertility

Robot: Item that serves same purpose as babies gameplaywise without needing to enable impregnation

New apperance for humanized fox girl #6 based on susu from spirit matchmaker

New apperance to kobold #3 based on toriel

Added new palette to player #5

Added wings to kobold's palette #2

-Gameplay changes

Drill UP upgrade has ben reworked into Village you can create a village with love stones and babies

Lowered the base chance for map events

-Bug fixes

Fixed bug that caused tiles to get unconquered if you finished the drilling minigame in them

Fixed bug where non multibuy items weren't able to be bought multiple times (like rocket thruster)


-New content

New apperance for wolf #9 Based on SCP 1471


Holding LMB/Spacebar on the birthing sequence speeds it up drastically

-Gameplay changes

Made it so if you have multiple items in your hand and the day is over you get taken out of give item state

Now every drill in your move range increase the resource multiplier on the drilling minigame

Now villages count as 2 drills on the drilling minigame

The payout sequence of the drilling minigame is now way way faster

Increased how many resources are needed for you to get a love point after doing the drilling minigame

Now unlocked sex doesn't count towards impregnation charges


Fixed bug that made pregnancy belly size increase only work vertically

Fixed bug where villages weren't adding material blocks to the drilling minigame pool

Fixed bug where if an item has no stock, multi buying it causes it to cost double

Fixed bug where drills don't cost anything to buy

Fixed? bug that caused the game to crash if you had to save data before

Hotfix 3

-Gameplay changes

Impregranates now also affect the chance of an egg being fertilized


Egg glasses: Enables fertilization view without enabling impregnation


Fully? Fixed bug that allowed you to buy items even if you didn't have the materials for them

Fixed bug where girls could stay permanently pregnant

Now when you try to multi buy and can't afford the time the can't afford effects play

Fixed bug where you could keep some items in your hand if you had multiples of them and used them on characters

Fixed impregnation crash bug

Hotfix 4

New content

New apperance for #6 based on Nicole from gumball


Fixed bug that made it so instead of grabing items you bought a new one if they weren't multi buy

Now sperm's distance to the egg is limited so they can't get out of it 

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Apr 30, 2022

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what happens if "null" aka (the player itself) gets pregnant. Will i also need to wait for 10 days too? Or is my character stuck pregnant

Update: I used a time bomb and got my answer...

Could you make an option that the sex bar occupies the entire black area? there comes a point where in less than a second the animation ends
Deleted 103 days ago

You go to one of the squares with a flag on it, then you put down a drill, then you have to have 15 robots & 100 hearts to build the village.

i already have 15 robots & 100 hearts but how to build the village

You need to put the drill down first, then the option to build a village will appear.

i already put down the drill but the option didn't appear

Did you make sure you put the drill down on a square with a red flag on it? You can't build a village unless there's a flag there before you put down the drill.

keep doing good i love it

holy shit thats alot...
i think you need a break from time to time cuz this update has the highest work and effort put into imo