Release 16

-New content

Now canine knots now visually knot girls, girls also have a chance to trigger a special line if you knot them

Using the mushroom/big dick item now bulges girls bellies when penetrating them and makes them give a initial big dick reaction line

and there is a chance of them reacting to it after the first time

(Using white rose restores big dick "virginity")


Added "barks" small text gfx when having sex

Corrected a couple of grammar errors


Mute: Removes "barks"

Time bomb: Accelerates time for a character


You can now see the pregnancy percent of a character when looking athe their stats

-Gameplay changes

Now whenever a girl gets love points but her love stat is maxed out the love points get turned into love stones

Now each time an egg gets fertilized the chance for that egg to get fertilized again lowers by 6%

Now whenever you unlock sex the speed of sex gets set back to whatever it was when you locked it


Fixed bug where vaginal poses were missing if you tried having sex with genderbend fox

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May 07, 2022

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found out that regarding the knot, making the girls have the futa knot and your character as the bottom, it will have the same dialogue as the player knotting the girls

example is when making the fox futa and have the big knot and make your character receive the knot, the fox will say the same dialogue as you knotting her

It has been fixed on release 17, thanks for the report 

why remove the flooding of cum that can happen?

(4 edits) (+2)

Went in with trying this expecting very little, got shocked with what a freaking gem I stumbled across. Bouncy physics, pregnancy, tons of nice fetishy content, body + species changing to the npcs and the player character too. That it's buried below a lot of low effort adult VN titles is insulting 'cause it should be at the top 5.

yoooo update les fuqin goooooooooooooooooooooo