Release 19

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-New content


-An early version of looping has been implemented, for the time being you unlock the loop item shop tab by getting all of the achievements in the game

Atm there are 4 loop items

Nature crown: +100% Grass, Wood, Ice wood and lilypad multiplier

Sea crown: +100% Seashell and sea pearl multiplier

Rocky crown: +100% Rock, Ice stone and fire stone multiplier

Love crown: +100% Love stone and helper multiplier

All of them persist between loops and can also be bought multiple times


Uppon looping most things get reset as if you were playing a new file, think of looping as NG+ or ascension on cookie clicker

You get to keep 5% of your tech and max hp as a bonus to your starting stats

Also don't take them as a challenge to replay the game 4 times atm, enjoy em but avoid getting burnt out


Now you can ask girls "questions" to get to know them better, you unlock questions by increasing their love stat and other stuff like having girls in the wagon

New palette added for humanized fox girl #6 based on a bronze fox girl

Guilmon, Roxane and cinderance apperances have gotten custom heads


Now text scrolls a bit slower, you can hold LMB or RMB to make it scroll faster

Now pheromone attacks are a bit more fair, you get half a second after the cloud appears where you don't take damage

-Gameplay changes

The increased gain in love stones when making a girl orgasm has been lowered

Fertility now goes both ways, so if the character impregnating has a fertility boost it will be easier to impregnate

Impregnation chance has been tweaked

Now the fertility bonus you can give a character caps out at 200% (equivalent to giving a girl 8 impregranates)

The fertility bonus for the impregnator also resets whenever it impregnates someone

Heat now increases the margin for the sex minigame by up to 20% if heat is maxed out

Heat now increases the chance for a girl to get pregnant by up to 50% if heat is maxed out


Fixed bug where unlocks weren't getting unlocked when they should have

Fixed? (couldn't recreate it) Bug where squad overlay caused crash

Fixed bug where text speed wasn't being respected

Fixed bug where if you copy X a girl with pheromone attacks you could damage yourself with your own pheromones

-Hotfix 1

Fixed bug where you can put yourself in the squad twice and playing with you in the squad twice crashes the game

Fixed bug that crashes the game if you had girls in your squad after looping and the squad overlay gets drawn

Fixed SCP apperance looks towards camera bug


Fixed a bunch of grammar errors

Vex and krystal apperances now both have a custom head


Now holding LMB for a bit (0.5s) quickly buys items 

Now holding LMB for a bit (0.5s) quickly gives stacked items to a girl

Swapped cosmetic items costing lovestones to them costing grass

Now the max number of items that get drawn whenever you are holding a stack is 50 to avoid slowdowns

-Gameplay changes

Removed fertility cap

Tweaked pregnancy chances (again)

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Jun 04, 2022

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also another bug where i free another oriana and now i got 2 oriana... the 2nd oriana is in the control room pls fix


dude same

can you interact with her? or is it just a visual bug?


can somewhat interact? the clone has a different stats as if i unlocked oriana again, since her heat regenerates fast it can rape(?) me all the time, so maybe both (i reset my entire playthrough to fix it)

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found bug where star crystal doesnt work on handjob

Hey, how do I get more snow wood. Is it by chance or something because I've been sitting at 3 for month

there are some tiles in the snow that have trees, you get it ther




I cant find the last character

drill in the snow, there will be a coffin tile, you just have to break it

wait how do you get a fertility bonus?

pretty sure you can buy it from the shop(it disappears after that character gives birth). there is also a random event that increases it for the day