Release 22 Snake girl in!

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Here's the changelog

Release 21 180/360

-New content

New character

Rumor says there has been someone hunting monsters DEEP in the mountains


Fertility collar: Doubles a girl's fertility

Magic quarter: Gives you one more shot at impregnating a girl while she is impregnated

New apperances

Sheep #4 based on woolo from pokemon

Kobold #8 based on isabelle from AC

Kobold #7 based on goth isabelle

Snake #7 based on seviper form

Humanized wolf #7 based on the goblin mox (Razdan's OC)

-Gameplay changes

Lowered enemy block spawn rate

Enemy blocks can't spawn at the start of the drilling minigame

Character skills no longer recover ATK meter

Added a tiny quirk to sex with sheepcubbus


Fixed bug where the back hair sprite was badly depthsorted during facesitting animation

Fixed bug where using character skills softlocks the game

Fixed bug where heated sex made resources not be shown on the map screen

Now you cannot change window size when fighting to prevent a bug where the cursor could get out of the window

Fixed bug where deleted characters could still ocupy the squad list making it impossible to add character to your squad even if it visually looked empty

Release 22

-New content

Tied facefuck variant

Added 28 new questions in total

New apperances

Humanized bunny #8 based on blanche (lolhappy's OC)


Fixed bug where giving fertility collar to snake crashes game

Internal egg view now properly clamps the heart number to 50, before if an egg was fertilized more than 50 times hearts would be directionally offset incorrectly

-Gameplay changes

Now whenever a sperm fertilizes an egg there is a chance it fertilizes it more than once, the chance increases based on the character's fertility, making it so fertility boost scale indefinetly rather than eventually basically getting capped

Sex now takes longer to get faster


Internal egg hearts become smaller the more they are drawn

Internal egg hearts are sligtly more animated

Belly and tit sprites get a slight outline drawn on them making them blend less with the character

Made fast buy a bit faster

The dialogue box now doesn't get drawn when on the sex pose menu

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Jul 16, 2022

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Apologies if it's written somewhere but in the map screen it pulses white. What does this mean? Is it possible to turn it off perhaps?

bruh how do you get more sex stamina, because everytime you fuck the sheepcubbus, it removes stamina.

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how do the attacks work for the drilling fights? also wow release 22 im behind a few releases what girls were added (if any)  between 19 and 22?


So guys we did it, we reached a quarter of twenty four characters


Where can I find the snake character?


Drilling in the mountains, she's behind an encounter shaped like a "?" She is a very high level combat encounter so good luck getting her

the mountains are the snow biome right?

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The hilly area around the snow and the volcano are the mountains

where is the volcano i feel like i know but im trying to be sur

The black and orange tiles below the snow zone