Release 23

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New content


Breast piercing: Puts on piercings on a girl's breast the color is customisable

Pussy piercing: Puts on a piercing on a girl's pussy the color is customisable

Fuzzy kiwi: Gives a character pubes the color is customisable

Cheap portraits: Now if a character apperance doesn't have a portrait a scaled up version of their head will get drawn


The character color of the snake has been tweaked (character color determines levelup message color and other stuff)

Hotfix 1

New content


Magic bubble: Makes you invulnerable to pheromone attacks (Unlocked by getting shark to 75% of it's love stat (225) atm)

Fuzzy banana: Gives a character armpit hair the color is customisable

XP Potion: Instantly levels up a character's drilling level

Spiky bracelets: Gives a character spiky bracelets

The red ribbon: x100 Auto attack damage in combat 

Prismatic smoothie: Let's you change the color of a character's cum

Gameplay changes

Enemies now give x2 the XP they did before

The player character can now do the "auto attack" however you have to click on it for it to attack

Breaking the final block of the drilling minigame now gives more base experience and also gives more experience the deeper the hole was


Made it so a girl now can shoot more babies when she has lots of them

The snake now has it's UI item as a reward


The snake character now has the proper attack icon

The snake character now gives the proper room reward

Removed debug line that made it so the belly outline only got drawn when holding the left mouse button

Fixed bug where when having inverted sex pubes would get swapped between characters

Fixed bug where when having inverted sex the pregnancy belly size would get swapped between characters

Hotfix 2


Whenever the color menu pops up now an "OK" button

Enemies now flash white before attacking


Fixed crash when unlocking magic bubble and yellow UI

Fixed crash whenever milking animation would play

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Jul 25, 2022

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(2 edits)

Can you add some kind of function that allows you to arrange particular girls to fuck each other after getting the fuck permit? 

Magic bubble can't stop all the girls' pheromone attacks.

como consigo a ovelha ?

When Null gets impregnated, the pregnancy isn't displayed. Instead the normal fertility stat shows and Null cannot get impregnated afterwards again. Not even the egg view shows up.
This happened by 100% heat. Managed to reproduce it.

Encountered the same effect in a couple other instances. Can't see a clear pattern. Potentially something to do with overnight heat stuff.

There is a problem: When a girl visits another one, their dialogues are swapped. Because if the initiator is Null, he goes to another room, but when the initiator is someone else it stays in its room and brings someone else.

So you probably should put a bed in Null's room and make all initiators go to rooms of other characters, when they needed.

I hope I didn't confuse you too much.

thats actually an upgrade you can buy called fuck permit which allows girls to have sex with other girls if they get too heated, you can turn it off

If I turn off Fuck Permit everyone will fuck Null.

I want that girls had sex with each other, but they are doing that backwards.

Btw What "Compatibility" ver mean

"The snake now has it's UI item as a reward"

Will she give it somehow if i already have her?