Release 24

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-New content

Now you can click on the AI character on the top right to get some help

Once a character reaches 80% of their max love (240 atm) you can handhold them, while handholding they get love points given to them as time passes


KH Style notifications now have a small icon on them which varies depending on what the notification was


Fixed bug that made menu buttons draw multiple times

Fixed random event icon that makes map event icon stay on the UI even when dialogue moves down

Hotfix 1

-New content

Belly piercing: Puts a piercing on a character's belly (color is customizable)

New apperances

Kobold #9 Based on deathclaw

Wolf #11 Based on Azalea by Yonsisac


Fixed bug that made handheld characters to be along with the character even when having sex

Fixed bug where snake didn't use her portrait sprite


Slightly increased the horizontal size of the unlock messages

Increased cap for max hp stat from 1000 to 10000

Increased cap for max tech stat from 500 to 1000

Added safeguard to avoid Tech stat going into the negatives (if the stat somehow is negative it'll be set back to 0 at the end of the day)

Added check when you are at max stats and stat increase events happen, to not remove stats from you

Fixed bug that made it so if you had futa sex the player character's portrait would be drawn rather than the futa's

Hotfix 2

New apperance kobold #10 based on the lusty argonian


Fixed bug where characters on the milking/corruption room or the  would be with you when handholding other characters

Hotfix 3

Fixed crash when stat boosting day events happened

Fixed null getting impregnated but not actually having any babies

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Jul 31, 2022

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Android? What is it and why does it needs a port??!

Where can I find the sheep girl again?

You have to dig in the snowy areas.

She's in a special coffin.

I had to factory reset my pc and lost all my progress. Is there any way to access console commands so I can get back to where i was or do I have to do it all again?

input the cheat




based handholding update


como consigo a ovelha ?

vc tem que entrar no modo de escavador na  montanha de neve 

depois quando vc estiver escavando vai aparecer um caixão e dai escaveo e vc conseque ela.