Release 25

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New content

Handheld characters now have a goodnight line

Room decoration items, there is a new tab on the shop containing room decoration items, you can place them in rooms the items are


Every character has a decoration item with them as a reward for reaching 80% of their love stat (240)

Bunny: Carrot lamp

Wolf: Bunny plushy

Snake: Wall axe

Sheep: Magic circle

Kobold: Egg

Fox: Magic candle

Shark: Pregnancy counter

The dog collar: x4 Damage taken x2 XP Gain when equipped

Permit tweaker: Let's you tweak what characters can be fucked by other characters

-Gameplay changes

Enemies do x2 the damage they did before 20 -> 40

Enemies now act like rainbow blocks uppon death (they release every resource that is on the drilling pool) this effect scales with their level

(1 rainbow block break per 25 levels)


Tweaked bunny handheld line

Tweaked milking room description

Tweaked depthsorting on handholding belly


Added safeguard to avoid characters getting negative tech stat

Fixed bug that draws the incorrect cheap portrait 

Fixed bug girl being unproperly positioned when kissing whenever they were on a room with a custom animation

Fixed bug where tech increase event actually subtracted from the player character

Fixed incorrect belly sprite on the lusty argonian apperance for the kobold

Fixed bug that made the AI get it's questions overwriten if the player was using Copy X

Fixed bug that made it impossible to give handheld characters items

Fixed bug where if handheld characters entered their birthing animation they would be positioned wrong

Fixed bug where if the player gets impregnated while having futa sex the impregnation count would be transfered from the futa to the player

Hotfix 1

New apperance for wolf #12 based on zoroark from pokemon

-Gameplay changes

Enemies now drop hp orbs that restore 5% of your hp

Enemies now drop only 1 xp crystal but it's xp value is relative to the enemy level

Increased enemy block spawn rates

Improved the power of the snake passive from 10% extra enemy spawn to 20% (max power)


Made enemy resource drops faster

Polished up enemy drop behaivior and look

Polished up dying on combat

Enemy dropped resources are darker to make the combat less noisy visually

Squad UI character level text now gets drawn above the character head, some characters blocked the text with hair or ears


Made the resource give sequence on the drill minigame way faster


Corrected argonian apperance head sprite

Fixed bug that made character combat buttons be faded out

Fixed bug that made combat end on death be delayed if there were resources present on the screen

Added safeguard to avoid combat starting again if multiple enemy blocks get destroyed at the same time


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Aug 14, 2022
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Aug 14, 2022

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