Release 26

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New content

New apperance for humanized sheep #2 based on etna from disgaea


XP Crown: +100% XP multiplier

Squad slot: +1 Squad slot

Added tile items, you can use them on a tile and give you a bonus if they are within your movement range

XP+ Tile: Makes this tile give 5% more XP if it is within move range

Enemy+ Tile: Increases chance of enemy blocks spawning if it is within move range

Material+ Tile: Increases chance of material blocks spawning if it is within move range

Tech+ Tile: Increases your max tech while drilling by 10% if it is within move range

HP+ Tile: Increases your max hp while drilling by 5% if it is within move range

Added "mark of" items there is one per character, they let you inherit the max level character passive skill

you unlock them by making a character reach level 99 drilling

Brought back the heart container and crystal eggplant items being buyable as an unlock

you can unlock them by getting the gold baby and gold love stone achievements


Empty shop tabs no longer get created

Hotfix 1

Added dog milf apperance Fox #11


Fixed crash bug related to map data

Fixed decoration objects drawing while on bag of holding

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Aug 21, 2022 22 MB
Aug 21, 2022

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