Release 27

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-New content

Bunny, wolf, fox, shark and sheep now have humanized portraits 


Enabled portraits being paletizable again

Tweaked a bunch of character color palettes


Fixed bug making resources not add up if you were at the end of a hole

Fixed bug that made 69 and blowjob share levelup stats

Fixed bug that made negative tech safeguard take 2 days to be effective

Hotfix 1

This update changes some internal stuff so you'll have to re put characters in your squad and if you have used the permit tweaker you'll have to define permits again

Snake and kobold now have humanized portraits

-Gameplay changes

Modified drilling experience curve

Duplicated the base drops of all blocks that dropped materials 

Lowered the ammount of materials enemies drop on death

Elemental weakness attacks now do x15 times the damage

Enemy hp "curve" has been tweaked

Bunny active now scales up with tech stat

Sheep active now deals a base 10% health damage scales up with tech stat and also if it kills the target it triplicates the ammount of resources it will drop

Raised cap for max hp and tech to 99999

Shiny enemies now drop x2 the resources


Added warnings to NG+ items

Corrected mark of fertility description

Tweaked hole progress bar to be more accurate

Made drilling levelup notification disapear faster the more there are on the screen

Character max hp now gets displayed along with the rest of stats

Lowered sex pose unlock requirements

Character auto attacks now do a base 20 damage rather than 0


Fixed bug where if you copy X a character the squad list and squad combat would duplicate characters

Fixed bug that made elemental attacks always trigger the extra damage

Fixed bug that made it so character instance id's would get messed up since the character count didn't save

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where’s snake?

I was digging in the snow biome when I found a vanpira alpaca in a pink sarcophagus



idea: mini games -challenges like sperm balloon Let's see how much sperm you can put in the balloon