Release 28

-New content

Gave bunny a mouse apperance #8


Ice cube: Decreases a character's heat

1UP: Gives you a second chance"

Tech-down: Lowers a character's TECH

HP-down: Lowers a character's MAX HP

-Gameplay changes

Changed fox passive skill, instead of making holes shorter it increases the spawn rate of chest blocks

Sex pose stat ups are twice as powerful

Drilling levelups now give +1 to hp and tech to the character that levels up, and 0.5 to the player character

The ending block now gives x2 experience

Now the resource multiplier bar on the drilling minigame gives experience per segment

Added ice cube, xp potion, time bomb and magic quarter to the chest block item pool


After ending the drilling minigame the camera focuses on the player character

Quickbuying an item for a bit will make it so you start buying multiple times on top of buying fast

Quickgiving an item for a bit will make it so you start giving multiple times on top of giving it fast


Made it so the AI button disapears when having heated sex because clicking it messed the game up

Fixed audie apperance head sprite

Fixed? Bug where the camera was zoomed in a bit when starting the drilling minigame

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So, at least for me, the game opens to a white screen and closes shortly after. Anyone else got this problem?