Release 29 1/2 a dragon

I tweaked code that made sure characters didn't have duplicate instanciation id's, so your squad or permit tweaks may be scrambled up (sorry!)

-New content

Sorta added the dragon, the real method to obtain her will take a bunch more time to implement so id rather just release her than delay the release more

you can get her on the volcano biome (bottom right of the map) also yea the kobold dialogue doesn't get tweaked after getting her yet


Shark palette #7 based on vaporeon

Shark appearance #8 synth thened

Kobold #11 based on flamedramon 

-Gameplay changes

Incresed Impregranate fertility bonus 25% -> 50%

Now using the sponge on a girl cleans up the cum on her


Added a couple of visual polish to attack buttons to make it a tad bit more intuitive on how they work


Tweaked some animations to shift character positions relative to their height

Did a whole bunch of optimizations related to high baby birthings 

Changed holy water function to lower pervness


Made it so it isn't possible to loose pregnancy when using 1UP

Fixed bug where characters could get impossible palettes 

Fixed bug where tits and belly flash in and out

Tweaked the depth of some bones in some poses

Fixed bug that made portrait talk animations be cut before they should making them choppier than they should

Fixed kobold mark being a giftable and equipable item

Hotfix 1

-New content


Prismatic eggplant II: Change the color of knots

Slow drill: Slows down automatic drill speed

Along with being able to change knot colors there is also 3 new knot types

Dragon, Snake/double, Synth

Added squatting position


Added background to drilling minigame

Girls can now do anal amazon squatting and anal squatting on heated sex


Corrected missing snake head sprite

Fixed babies not colliding during birthing

Hotfix 2

Added new kobold apperance #12 based on a kobold design by waspsalad 

Added new fox apperance #12 based on abbby the husky 


Fixed dragon not having the proper fuckbuddy (wolf)

Fixed wing sprites depth issue when facesitting

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honestly. my first impression on seeing the dragon character led me to be a tiniest bit of being bummed but most of the time i am very pleasantly surprised. i like the character design of druaga, she looks quite goofy and quite unique which i wasn't expecting. the details that i've seem to forget to add in my suggestion is the interpretation which is that she is a domineering royal commander like a captain of a battleship. she is a cold, stoic, and frightening but she tends to be benevolent queen when she is not in battle. her human design is inspired by kiryuuin satsuki, with her long hair slicked back with a scowl on her face. her furry design is quite close to kinwa with a touch of a Norwegian dragon. so when i see dragua's design, i just adored of how goofy she is, not sure about the humanized design though but hey, it's fine. i may understand that you have take out some things that i think it is ambitious of me to request, like the giant size and unique rooms. it's okay. they seem quite stressful, so that's why i told you to do any number of updates you want before mine. i was surprised when i see the next update come out. so don't forget to take a break if you are stressed out. besides, i'll just reserve my initial idea of my request as a mother of dragua in lore. but overall, i really like this update and i'm looking forward to see what you had in mind to add in the next update.


is there a new character in this update because there is a new bed if so where can I find them

never mind the new character is found by going to the lava/volcanic area

Color palette 6 for shark looks more like Vaporeon then palette 7 does, you sure you didn't mix those two up?